Sunday, February 14, 2016


Yes, I did get this close to this squirrel.  Friend Jan's hubby made a squirrel feeder for me but either this guy weighs 20 pounds or some other big animal got to it because the glass jar fell and broke and the shelf holding the jar was on the ground.  While repairs are being made I just toss some corn on the ground to feed them - keeps them away from the bird feeder. Obviously he isn't afraid of me or feels threatened that I'll take the food away.
This guy is so sure of himself that when he sees me come outside with the container of corn he climbs right up to the table, practically takes the lid off them container for me and helps himself.  Of course I'm exaggerating but he is right there on the table, looking at me like I'm about to hand him an ice cream cone on a hot day.
Notice the lack of snow!  Love it!

I'm steadily working on the round robin quilt from our German friends.  I'm using perle cotton because I like the look.

But I wasn't sure if I liked quilting the picket fence.  I got half way around and thought maybe I should be quilting in the white part between the pickets.  So, here's the quilt for all to see, and yes, I do like the pickets being quilted instead of the white.  Phew!  I don't like a quilt to be heavily quilted. But I am debating about adding more to the center medallion.  I'll decide when I get the last border done.


  1. cheeky fellow!
    love the quilting you have done

  2. Adorable little fellow and such a beautiful quilt.

  3. Squirrel! it's an in joke at our home to describe people with limited attention span...yell Squirrel and they forget what they are doing!
    That quilt is so sweet, and keep going I find the quilt generally lets you know what it needs. Love it so far.

  4. I love little squirrels . he looks so cute. The quilt is amazing.

  5. I speak squirrel, just so you know. I talk to them all the time and they answer. Seriously!