Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style  - a coloring book  by Zoe de las Cases

We can hardly walk into a store without seeing a huge display of coloring books for adults.   I love the new relaxation trend because it really works.  I remember thinking  that when I was a kid there was nothing like opening a new box of crayons.  The waxy smell meeting your nose, the colors all lined up with perfect dusty points.  Choosing which one to use, and thus dull, first.  I was always careful of the box flap, trying not to tear it.  I always put the color back in its factory position in line.  So, no, I see nothing wrong with the plethora of coloring books for adults.  The only problem is which to choose.

I received a copy of Paris Street Style from Blogging for Books and fell in love with it immediately.  What a fun, fun collection of pictures to choose from!  These aren’t crazy busy pages of images you have to concentrate on.  These are pictures of things you’d see if you were observant, walking along a Paris street….or your own.  A page of sneakers or sandals or bow ties or combs or outfits you’d find in a boutique or the boutique exterior or Provence wallpaper (or fabric!) or the contents of a purse, neatly arranged or the front of a young woman with her camera hanging around her neck.  These pictures bring a smile to my face even before I choose one to color.  

The book is more compact than the other coloring books, it has a nice little band to bring around for closing, immediately giving it a little class.  There is a ribbon to mark the page you may be working on.  Small details but details lacking in other books.  

I worked on my first page the other night while listening to the Republican debate on television.  It helped.
I was truly reluctant to request this book, what I considered yet another coloring book, but I am so very glad I did.  Look for this one!

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