Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finally winter

 Tuesday.  Sickness.  Adelaide.  Whatever is going around it's cutting a wide swath through the school and it caught Adelaide on Monday night.  Grandma to the rescue.  Wednesday it caught up with Elizabeth, too, so we all had a couple of couch days.

Finally, at the very end of the month we got the snow we should have been getting the whole month.  I'm so glad we didn't have a normal winter, considering our mountain of a driveway. I took this picture last night during the storm with just the porch light on. You could still see the plants on the ground.  But not today.  We got about 11 inches overnight. When you wake up to this much snow it's so quiet everywhere.  No traffic, no sound at all.

 We won't be out of here till who knows when...the driveway plow came last night at 9:15, just about half way through the storm, but this driveway (our house is somewhere up there) needs to be clean to drive.  So I decided to take a walk into town, and when I got to the bottom of the driveway hill I saw the streets are plowed and just wet.  People in the neighborhood are all out with their snowblowers and shovels. I love this house but not till we actually get into it.  Getting into it is a challenge.
 The showboat looks like a wedding cake.  Notice how strong the wind is blowing the flag.
These guys are cheered when they come by.  Unless you just finished your driveway and you now have to go back out and shovel the chunks he pushed back in.
 You can see Adelaide is back to herself.  As I walked home I heard, "Grandma!  Grandma!" from across the street.  (Notice how clean their sidewalk is and the street is cleared?)  Not us.  Sigh.
 My hexie basket is filling up.

Now, you would think that because we are captive and can't drive out anywhere that I'd go into the bedroom and start working on more quilty things.  Put a DVD in and watch an old movie. Quilter's paradise, right?  Probably I will finish the book I'm close to finishing and take a nap.  Probably.  And this is why I don't get as much quilting done as all of you...

 The sun is coming out!


  1. Wow! I am glad the girls are over their bug. Nothing like a Grandmothers couch to sleep it off. I hope you didn't get laid low by said bug, hopefully this was just a school thing. I do love your snow, and I know that steep driveways and snow are not a great mix but it does look so pretty, and I can only imagine the peace and quiet! Do you have to book the plough guy to do the drive?
    The hexie hex seems to have got you bitten a little I see, anyway take care and don't let Mr Stubborn burn himself out on the snowblower.

  2. I love that snow storm quiet :) Stay snug in your tree house!

  3. The photos are beautiful Denice. We live in such contrasting countries each with their own challenges. To me its gorgeous to you its a nuisance. Tonite at 8.15 pm it is still 31 degress C that is 87.8 F . Thank technology and God for air conditioning. Today it was 38 C(100F) and
    43C (109 F) in the sun . Your photos make me feel so cool. Tomorrow is Autumn