Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kitchen unveiling!

OK, folks, this is the before and after of the kitchen.  Notice again, as in everything in this house, it was Coca-Cola brown and orange.  There was a strange kidney shaped table built in next to the stove but it cut off the kitchen from the pantry, and it covered half of the doorway into the dining room. So, as you can see by the mess, (this was moving in day,) that table was the first thing to go. It opened the kitchen into a space I haven't ever had in a kitchen, not in 41 years!

And now.  I just noticed one of the glass door cupboards in open and I'm a little too lazy to go take a different picture.  As I said before, yellow was never on the color spectrum for me but it makes me smile every time I walk in the room.

Friend Barb said, "Why haven't you blogged this bathroom??? 

So, this is the before picture.  The picture is off the iPad and I can't resize it but you get the idea. Carpet and steps to the tub!  You walked up two steps to get to the rim of the tub and then you're supposed to step into a wet tub and survive to see another day.  No shower in this one, but big heavy teal curtains anyway.  Teal is NOT my color.  It's right there with orange in the don't pile.
We took out the steps when the carpet was torn out but discovered they must have been original to the house design because the side of the tub wasn't glazed.  So, my idea was to do a mosaic in the broken Polish pottery that didn't survive the move. Taking the steps out increased the size of the room considerably, too.

The tile man who came to fix the wall tiles that were damaged when the steps were taken out said he could do the mosaic.  But there isn't a single piece of Polish pottery in it!  When he arrived I gave him the bird tiles I found at a junk shop for $1.00 each and four soup bowls out of the cupboard.  And all of the Polish pottery .I told him I had no design, no plan, no recommendations for him.  Just to do what would look nice.  So he cut the picture out of the bottom of the soup bowls and they share the side of the tub.  The thick border at the top is the rim of those bowls and the stripe border at the bottom is another soup bowl I gave him from the cupboard.  The Polish pottery just didn't fit with his plan and I love his plan so it's all good.

So, that's it!  As far as we are concerned the only thing to do now is dust and vacuum.  We are done with what we are going to do to make this house ours.


  1. I adore....not just love but adore what you have done to make this your home! I am also amazed that you found a tiler that catered to your every whim, a tradie here in Australia that did anything out of the ordinary without sighing and telling you it cannot be such creature. We tend to name those who use tools in their work tradesmen.......shortened to tradie.....because we do that a lot in Australia, shorten names.
    My lounge room is a shade of yellow and I love it, I would say in the photos your cupboards are more a buttery yellow than acid yellow, which is good!
    I cannot live without colour of some sort in my rooms, and you have banished a gloomy light sucking colour and bought in sunlight and fresh air....your house must be smiling in its new clothes.
    Well hubby has officially retired, our trip is booked, and I may now get to blog...I know I keep promising but I will get there and if I tell you then I become accountable! Well done Denice, it looks like a happy home.

  2. I call that color "butter"--I have it on the bulkhead in my kitchen (or a similar color, at least!) So incredibly sweet what you've done to your house :) to turn it into your home ♥ Can't wait to see it! SOON :)