Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday in fall

 It's beautiful here this morning.  The leaves are about half on the ground, half on the trees, sunlight is coming through, the geese are honking overhead.  Beautiful.

 Yesterday we travelled to the other side of the state (now an hour closer since our move) to see Charlie's soccer game.  He's the goalie and apparently a good one.  I know nothing about sports and usually ask dumb girl questions that leave open mouthed looks on the faces of the guys I ask.  Yesterday as Charlie's skills were being praised by some guy in the parking lot I had to ask if he's really that good or is the game so slow (9 and 10 year olds) that it's easy to stop the ball.  He went on and on about what Charlie can do that other kids can't.  Big smiles on my son and DIL's faces.  So, it's not grandma brags to say he's good.  Can't believe this guy is going to be 10 next week.  Sigh.

 Of course, there has to be some playground time for Michael and Ceci.  They can sit and watch a soccer game for only so long.  The vantage was good. I could be with them on the playground and still see the game nearby.

 We have a new member of our family....rather, their family.  This is Reeses.  She's a pound rescue, 7 years old, comes from a family with kids.  She's very pretty, lets the kids at the soccer field wrap their arms around her sometimes 3 and 4 at a time,  she's calm and sweet tempered.  She reminds our son of the dog we had for 16 years and still miss. 

 I'm working, I'm finished with this part. But I can't show anymore.  Probably shouldn't show this much.  But never fear, Santa has been busy.

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  1. Dedicated grandparents, I bet you sat through a lot of children's sports over the years. Can I say defenders and goalies never get the recognition they deserve because everyone wants to be the attacker and score the goals....I know my son played hockey and saved many goals as a does take skill to defend and very few have it. And it is the lot of the younger siblings to watch a lot of sport too for a while. Lucky they have your company to enjoy as well.