Monday, October 26, 2015

Whistling Women

Whistling Women by Kelly Romo

Addie lives in a nudist colony, her refuge and safe haven after an incident she instigated when just a teenager.  That incident changed her life,  the life of her sister and the lives of everyone in their world as she runs away, finally finding refuge in the nudist colony.

Now, 15 years later, the Sleepy Valley Nudist Colony residents are on their way to San Diego to be a part of the 1935 World’s Fair exhibitions.  But San Diego is where all the trouble started for Addie. She is reluctant to open those doors again.  Addie’s sister Wavey has been coping for the past 15 years with raising two daughters and the changes she was forced to make to keep Addie and her daughters safe.  Through happenstance one of Wavey’s daughters discovers she had an aunt she never knew about and the aunt lives as a nudist and she’s right there in San Diego.  Rumor is the spunkier of Wavey’s daughters and demands answers for their life.  You can see the collision coming.

While this all sounds like a downer story, it isn’t.  Set with the backdrop of the fair and the nudist colony’s beliefs and practices, and the plot twists in the story, I would confidently recommend this one.

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  1. Setting a book in a nudist colony......different some would say! I love an intriguing back story, what was that incident, why the secrecy? Guaranteed to get me reading.