Sunday, September 13, 2015

The last of the chocolate

OK, once again we are in the middle of chaos and confusion and turmoil.  Now it's the kitchen cabinets.  I decided I would not and could not paint those cabinets so we found someone in the city who does that sort of thing professionally.  I thought the price was reasonable considering they
1. came to take them all down,
2. took them away, will paint them
3. will put them back up and
4. I don't have to do it.

I've read every Pinterest site about doing it yourself.  I've talked to paint store people, looked at web sites of paint companies and practiced on our bathroom.  But this is the biggest kitchen I've ever had and there are many door and drawers and I knew it would take F O R E V E R.   So I smiled sweetly at PH and promised if someone else does the job it will be done in days, not months.

 Not months of the dining room table looking like this
 and this

I decided on blue.  PH said he didn't care one tiny bit what color I chose. Not one tiny bit. So I chose blue.  It's my favorite color and I have lots of Polish Pottery to display in the two cupboards that will have glass doors.    I looked for most of the months we've been in this house for the right shade of blue and I settled on green.

No, don't touch that dial, you're right.  This is the result of a visit from Friends Marilyn and Jan. I had the color sample book from the cabinet people opened because they are quilters, too, and work with color all the time too and I wanted their opinion and they both said, "this one!"  I never thought I was a yellow person.  It isn't even on my radar.  Until they both pointed out that in the house we just left the whole first floor and the hallway going upstairs was a pale yellow.  They showed me the yellow wicker chairs and the yellow bedroom in this house.  They showed me the yellow in the upholstery all over the place. They pointed out a yellow quilt I had made.  And if I want lighter but not white then this was it.  And it will show off the Polish Pottery nicely in those glassed cabinets.   They win.  I ordered yellow.

 Two coats of primer and two coats of paint for my part of this job. It was the relatively easy part except for reaching deep into those top cabinets.  Look down below.  See how dark the insides of the bottom cabinets are?  That's what the whole room looked like. Dark, dark, dark. Now these primed areas shown here are yellow! The doors will be returned this week.  I can't wait to get that mess off the dining room table. This room is the last of the chocolate.  No more dark brown around here. None.

Today being a beautiful September day I joined Friends Marge and Harry on a cemetary walk.  We are lucky to have a man here who has studied the cemetaries of our county extensively and has written a gorgeous book about them.  Lots of symbolism on those headstones.  Lots of history you can learn about the time and the person or family buried if you know what to look for.  It was really interesting but there were at least 300 people and if you ended up in the back you couldn't see anything.  We made it work and he used a microphone so we could hear and hang back to take a look.

 This is a very small cemetary, just about 6 acres, and the earliest established in Kent County so standing right here is just what we would have seen if we were standing here in 1839 (minus the guy in shorts and cap.)
The interesting part was explaining the meaning of the symbols on the gravestones.  This hand pointing up is supposed to mean, "if you're looking for me, look there..."  a little presumptuous if you ask me.   I think mine might just have to have a picture of shrugging shoulders on it!