Friday, September 18, 2015


Does anyone know a good stuffing to use for pincushions?  I've looked it up and there are many thoughts.  Some say don't use the polyfiber 'stuffing' but to use walnut.  Well, that can be very expensive.  Some say sand works well.  I'm looking at doing some pincushions and want the stuffability and flexability of  the poly filling.  I want to really squeeze and jam the cushion into the receptacle on some things I have.  Is it so wrong to use it?   Sand would be the easiest and most cost effective thing.  Is sand ok? I am imagining making two pieces though, one to hold the sand and then the cover.  How far off am I?


  1. Love your pincushions! I too ....surprise a good pincushion. I have experimented with many fillings. Poly filling, sand, emery, walnut and wool roving. All have their merits depending on what purpose they have, walnut is great for keeping pins clean as is emery sand, it also makes the pincushion sit well, with the weight. Poly filling is light weight and inexpensive, great for large display type pincushions. In my humble opinion, wool roving makes the BEST filling, it has the right density, weight and being natural grips the pin when you poke them in. There you asked, I told! Hahahaha.

  2. I like sand and I think the grains might even serve to sharpen the pins a bit. I've heard of using wool, I think, because the lanolin coates the pins and makes them more slippery. I think I had one filled with sawdust!