Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let the sun shine in!

Though the winds are still howling, the snow is still blowing, the streets are still icy and there's no let up in sight, we somehow got to the girls' house yesterday to babysit and spend my birthday.
We walked in the house with paints and watercolor paper and the directive that we were going to paint some spring or summer.
Then we hung the pictures of the beach, watermelon, robins flying to a nest and flowers in the window so when we looked out we would see something other than white.  We had a great time.

The school around here have been closed for the past four days.  Last Friday, and M-T-W this week.  The districts have all agreed when the wind/windchill is -30 below zero, they close.  Well, we're kind of stuck in a holding pattern.  Schools are allowed 6 snow days before the time is supposed to be made up.  I think, according to Elizabeth, we are at 8.  And it's still January. 

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