Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Open the box! Hurry!

Our Round Robin box from Germany arrived and this morning Friend Marilyn and I opened it with the help of our little Adelaide.  Our group is geographically scattered so unfortunately we couldn't open it together.  Well, maybe we could have but it would have taken many phone calls and much planning to coordinate it and I KNOW everyone is too anxious to see what was inside and get their needles sharpened so they can get to work creating!

So, Michigan Robins, here's what was inside.  Goodies were included, too.  Each quilter included a journal with a picture of themselves and some of their families, their city, and homes.  Friend Marilyn and I just belly laughed over one journal.  The quilter explained she was going to have carpal tunnel surgery and so was in a rush to get her block done because of the following therapy for her arm.  But, alas, she didn't get the block done, was working well into December to finish it and didn't use ANY of the fabric she bought for it in the summer and changed her mind on the design and used totally different fabrics and so she's really anxious to see what we do with her square and will she even remember it's what she sent??   Now tell me, does she sound like anyone you know?  Go look in the mirror!

We did a drawing to determine which block we would start with.  Here's a peek in case you want to get started riffling through your stash.
 This is Anja's block and Karen gets it first.
 This is Elke's block and Dodie gets it first.  Elke said she took inspiration for this from a group of sculptures in Hanover that caused controversy but now they are a landmark popular with everyone.  She wants to honor these sculptures that are called NANA.
 This is Ulrikes' and Marilyn gets it first.
 This is Anke's block and I get it first.
 This is Angela's block and Jan B. gets it first.  Angela asks for all red and white in her quilt.
 This is Annette's block and Barb gets it first.  Let me tell you, Barb, Annette can do points! She included fabric with hers but allows for surprises.
This is Marion's quilt and Ines gets it first.
This is Maria's and Janet gets it first.
Watch your mailbox early next week, girls!  We're on our way!

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