Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Something new

Something new, something fun, something untried. That's what's happening this new year.  I have a pen pal friend in Burgdorf, Germany.  Over this past year we gathered 7 friends in our quilting life and organized a Round Robin exchange.  I have only ever done one Round Robin before and that was locally with a guild group.  But as I have said many times before, the purpose of starting this blog for me, was to meet people all over the world.  I met Elke through a mutual friend and we have been corresponding for a couple of years. 

I took the plunge.  I asked if she and her friends would be willing to try a Round Robin.  She tested the waters with her friends and said she could come up with seven who would like to participate. I said I could match that.  We set very few rules, parameters, it what you will.  I just wanted to try this, make it simple and friendly. 

So, tomorrow I mail our package!  There are eight centers measuring no smaller than 12.5 inches and some small gifties for all eight there.  We are dividing and distributing the eight centers in two groups of four so the end quilts don't become huge.  We will mail them this week and next January mail them back to each other.  We've included a small journal with each of our centers showing a picture of ourselves, some of our work, some our homes, and included email addresses. Some of us added some of the fabric from their center to be used in the borders.  I didn't do that.  We will each make our border and pass it along until each of our centers - and theirs - have four borders.

Below are the squares we are sending to Germany.  Not ironed any longer since they've been packed (and to take a picture I unpacked them!!! then repacked!!!!)  Have a look.  You'll see we are a varied group, and I am so very excited about this.  I'll keep you posted!  This is going to be so much fun!

I was much encouraged by the Secret Santa exchange I am in with Chookyblue.  She manages to organize, match up  and encourage over 100 people worldwide in a much smaller time frame.  I think this can work. 

 Jan B.
Here they are, Elke!  Packed and ready to go!!!  I'm sending it out tomorrow!


  1. Hello Denise, I like your center blocks, Ulrike (one of the German quilters).

  2. I will be watching your round robin project with interest ,good luck with it all, sounds fun. Hope you are ok in that freezing stormy weather, it has been on our news again. Take care my new quilting friend. Perhaps a trip down under to Australia and visit us next January to the warm 40,+ C