Saturday, February 1, 2014

Never ending

Now, if someone handed you WEEKS of time, captive time, can't do much of anything else time, what would you do?  Stitch?  Sew?  Paint a room?  Cook?  Read?   They all sound good.  We've all wished for unlimited down time so we could indulge in any one of these things but you know what?  After awhile, it doesn't sound so good anymore.  Frankly, you can sit just so long before rigor mortis sets in.  That takes care of stitching, sewing and reading.  Paint a room?  Great, if you could get out to buy the paint.  Cook?  When it's just the two of you then someone has to eat those goodies and that doesn't pair well with sitting.


after this much more of this stuff this morning,
PH and I got out the cribbage board
 We spent the morning playing cards,
watching the birds
and eating brownies warm from the oven.
He said I must be pretty desperate if I'm taking pictures of a cribbage board and a glass of milk.


  1. LOL Well said! I'm feeling the same way. I'm so sick of this that I'm taking pictures of the mail box. At least it makes me feel like I'm connecting with the outside world. Hope spring comes soon before I completely lose my mind! Thank God for Blogging friends.

  2. I'll swap you one of my weeks for one of yours.................
    I would kill for a week of nothing at the moment...........and cooler can have my heat and drought feeding regime..............

  3. I think you and Chooky should do some sort of Wizard of OZ thing...get in a twister and spit out half of what each of you have at the other persons place and the problem would be solved. If only it were that easy. Thinking go you. What a cut little bird.