Saturday, January 25, 2014

Enough, already!

Tired of being cold
Tired of being wet
Tired of being inside
Tired of boots
Tired of layers of bulky outerwear
Tired of being told there's more on the way.

I would gladly send some of this to my friends suffering drought.
(Oh, and those pictures?  That's just what we got last night!)

So today I am auditioning for the first round of the block from Germany.  I'll cut, stitch and watch old movies.  What I do with this block will remain a surprise, of course. 


  1. It is really nice fabric for the project. The heat has eased here finally , normal summer
    Now. Hope that means a change for you too. We even had a good fall of rain in our area but it was not wide spread in the west. Keep warm.

  2. It looks so cold. Is that you car.?

  3. send me some of your wet cold stuff and I will send you some drought and heat................feeling for you................

  4. cannot get my head around that!
    yes definitely send some to Chooky, they would love it to fill the dams up and ease the burden of drought a bit (LOT)...