Saturday, August 31, 2013

Project complete

     Two years ago at retreat in October I gave each person 6 kinds of  3 inch squares with the directions that everyone use those squares and whatever else they chose to make a 12.5 inch square.  They could do anything but at least one 3 inch square of each of the six had to be in the finished square. We were all to bring our squares to retreat last October.  I don't even remember how we awarded the finished squares, but Barb was the lucky winner.   She then was to turn those squares into a quilt top for this coming retreat in October.  Lots of ideas, lots of variety, lots of time has passed since we received those little packets, but look what Barb did with them!  She will have a great show and tell come October!
      Isn't it interesting what 3 inch squares can do!

     Last year we were all given a fat 8th of each other's focus fabric with instructions to make a 12.5 inch square for that person using her focus fabric plus anything we wanted to add to the construction.  I can't wait for the big unveiling this October!  We will all receive something very special.  
     It's fun to have a project to do for the next year and the project for this year's retreat was particularly nice because we will all come away with something done specially for us by each person.
    Boy, this sounds confusing, doesn't it? 

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