Saturday, August 17, 2013

string art

 A few weeks ago I gave Elizabeth a skein of red yarn and told her to see what she could create in string art.  This is her creation. She said it's a deer catcher.  She wants to catch the 8 point juvenile buck that hangs around the yard eating my flowers and apples and peaches.  I always leave her string art alone, sometimes for the whole winter, when she creates something interesting in the yard.  She puts a lot of thought into it.

     I noticed the only thing she caught was a grandpa with a lawnmower (three times), a meter reader and me (twice) but no deer.
 When summer is over and they've stopped coming here and start going to school instead, I'll have to take this one down.

 The joe-pye weed is in full bloom but no monarchs yet. 

I was encouraged when I saw this one on the butterfly bush, but just one.

We went to FiberFest Friday afternoon and can you believe I left my camera in the car?  No, we didn't trek back to get it.  We were on a tight schedule and frankly were too lazy.  I bought felt balls for two projects and these cute pumpkins...

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