Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Do you like all colors?  I do. Sort of.  I'm not a fan  of orange except in October. I can't remember ever using it in a quilt...at least not on purpose.  It has it's place, I guess, but you won't find it in my stash.

Then there's this.  Is it hot pink on steroid?   I see a lot of it on t-shirts  and always have to gulp and look away.

And  teal.  I never liked teal but am more tolerant if it is used right.  Small amounts.  My sister-in-law loves it and uses it right.  I can pick her color palette from across the store.  "That's Joyce"  I say as I see a color family.  She pairs it with lush batiks in burgundy and deep, deep  greens, touches of pink.  Her quilts look like a glass of wine.  You want to drink them in.

Elizabeth and I decided we don't much care for brown and  yellow  when used together in big bunches (except of course for sunflowers!) With other colors they're great.

And I don't care for red and black and white together - yet alone and with other colors they are necessary for creativity.  I love black when it's used as white.

So, there you have it.  Did you even care???


  1. funny isn't it? I try to use all those colours, in different quilts of course, but the only one I'm not into is the hot pink....find it overwhelming!

  2. I love orange too. I love orange and pink together. I must be part gypsie. Not so crazy about brown. Isn't color interesting?

  3. My 12-year-old son chose orange as his "Signature Color" back when he was 3 or 4. So he has a closet full of orange clothes (which makes him easy to spot in a crowd), and I have a healthy share of orange fabrics in my quilting stash. I love how the orange batiks look with blues and purples, like in this quilt I recently finished for his bed: http://cheekycognoscenti.blogspot.com/2012/09/sew-and-tell-friday-drunken-dragons-bed.html

    Of course, if my son had it his way, the WHOLE THING would have been orange, just orange and black like Halloween! ;-)