Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charlie and Ceci

   Yesterday we had the joy of spending the day with our Charlie and Ceci. We don't get to see them often and were babysitting while their parents were at a wedding.  We took them to Fredrick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids. This is a world class botanical garden and sculpture park that is a must see if you are in the state of Michigan.  

   Just one of the star features is Leonardo's horse.

   In 1482 Leonardo DaVinci was commissioned by the Duke of Milan to make a sculpture of a horse that would be the largest in the world. DaVinci completed only a clay model that was destroyed by soldiers.   In 1977 Charles Dent began plans to commit DaVinci's plans and bring the horse to "life."  This horse is 24 feet (7.3 meters) high and is stunningly beautiful.  Mr. Meijer helped to heavily finance the project and added that while the castings were being made, he wanted two.  One for Milan and one for Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We took the kids to see it.

 It's hard to appreciate the size of this sculpture until you are literally right underneath it.
 It never fails to take your breath away.
 We wandered to the children's garden that included a few water features.  It was a very hot day and we came prepared for wetness.  This is a model of the Great Lakes with geologic and depth features.
 There was a sundial that showed the time with your outstretched arms.
 But Ceci really liked the water.
It didn't take Grandpa and Charlie long to feel the pressure of a long day in the hot sun.