Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summertime, summertime, sumsumsummertime

Our days of summer vacation are counting down. School doesn't start till the day after the first Monday in September but when the clock strikes August there's a feeling of panic in the air.  It's hard to fit everything in that hasn't been done yet.

The after supper trip to the city beach started this time with a walk along the pier...
for a visit to the light house. 
Little Adelaide is covered in poison ivy and while she keeps a stiff upper lip about it, we see her scratching a lot.  So would we all if we were as covered as she is.  We can't think of where she was that she was in contact with it, but her daddy is very, very sensitive to it and Adelaide must have inherited it.
They picked the last of the red raspberries.  Elizabeth is wearing her airplane that she fashioned from a box my new shoes arrived in. She drew cockpit instruments on the inside and propellers on the outside. She hasn't taken her airplane off for two days.
 The black berries are monstrous and sweet.  I'm going to turn them into something really good tomorrow.
 After berries, Patient Husband and my daughter picked tomatoes for drying and salsa.  The girls were way bored by now and made friends with Cubanelle peppers and two ears of corn.
 The farmer whose bounty we were picking came out with a couple of the very first watermelons and
offered Patient Husband the first taste.  Ripe enough yet?  The juicy floor said yes. We brought one home that barely fit on a shelf in the fridge.  We'll take it to Ceci's birthday.

Slowly, slowly wins the race.....

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