Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where are we?

 I saw this on Pinterest and pinned it.  For a person who lives in bookville, this was a natural for my yard.  I had an old picket fence that was falling apart, I had an old post behind the shed. I had nails. I had paint and brushes.  I even had a bird nest that I took out of a wreath. Cost? About an hour.
 The bottom marker says "Cuddlevania."  This is where Elizabeth's cuddle lives. When asked, she says it's between Ohio and Kentucky-o.
 I also had everything on hand to make a tomato pie for lunch.  I could tell you I got the recipe from FoodNetwork magazine, July/August 2011, but I changed it so much it's hardly recognizable.  I use the recipe as an outline.
 Got the binding onto Adelaide's quilt.  Yay!
 Auditioning for Ceci's Christmas present big girl bed quilt.
I call her my dollycake so a cupcake seemed right.  The background is a very pale sweet green.  I'll needle turn applique this.  I don't do fusibles, I don't do machine applique, I don't do glue.  I cut, baste and needle turn.  This will have an assortment of borders, depending on my stash. Oh, and a little mouse contemplating nibbling. 

Not bad for a Sunday at home! 

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  1. SHARE your recipe, please? I love the sign posts--I'll bet the kiddos will, too :)