Saturday, September 1, 2012


 Don't we find our ideas in the funnest places?  I bought this book for school and brought it home for the girls to hear.  It came highly recommended by our five-year-old friend Jillian.  Betty Bunny was reluctant to try something new, but whoa! once she did it changed everything!  Let me tell you if you have a small person in your house who doesn't want to try a new food, this is the book! 
 After reading the book three times we made our own chocolate cake to "taste test."

Then there was THIS sweet book I couldn't resist buying.  Just look at that cover.  It was the immediate inspiration to do a cupcake quilt for Ceci.

 I fully expect the kid quilts to be dragged around and spilled on so the attention to artsy detail is minimal. 
  I love the little mouse!
 I used lots of bits from my stash.
So, now, after rummaging in the closet to see if I had a piece of batting that would fit, I discovered I don't.   Sigh.  School is back in session next week, though, and I'll be able to pin this on the library tables.  It's SO much easier that way!

Have a good weekend!


  1. love the new quilt idea...very cute!
    and aren't books great to help with some of life's little problems?

  2. Your quilt is so cute! Thanks for the recommendation on the books. There is a finicky eater in our house too!