Sunday, August 5, 2012

When you wish upon a cupcake

 Our Ceci is two!
 We began the day at Charlie's last baseball game.  He's in the age group that has coaches pitch.  Charlie has an arm on him.  From a very early age (he's only 6) he could throw a ball with force, aim and speed. Son Ben is the coach for his team and we loved watching him handling the little kids, noticing each little one's strengths and encouraging them when they needed it.  It was a very hot day and the kids were troopers.
Charlie's good friend Ethan is also on the team.

These four are 'never sit stills.' I thought I had a pretty good idea to bring some fake moustaches along and get a group shot.  These silly moustaches are one of the biggest selling things in the shop I work at during summer.  Well.  Best laid plans, right?  First Charlie didn't want to put one on but after seeing Grandma's fake sad face, he agreed with giggles.  Elizabeth would have no part of it until Momma intervened.  I don't know what she said to her but it worked.  Adelaide, ever game for anything Adelaide, was the first to put hers on.  Ceci's was stuck to her pacie so she didn't even notice except when she looked at the other kids.  Grandpa held her because she NEVER sits still.  Three of the four looking at the camera was the best I could do, but aren't they cute!!!

 When you are two, what do you wish for?
The quilt is received!  Now I have big plans for a big girl bed quilt for her for Christmas because she's going to be a big sister this winter and will be in a big girl bed.  I must work fast!

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