Sunday, June 23, 2019

Things That Start With the Letter P

Friday Friend Sally told me about a field of poppies that was very near the place PH and I were headed for dinner with friends.  How would that look, exactly, a field of poppies?
 Well, like this.  It's a huge meadow planted with poppies and it was planted to give the bees somewhere to feed.  But let me tell you, this place is serene.  There were a few people there when PH and I were there, about 8 of us total and no one spoke.  Three of us took photos and I knew no photo could do justice to how this meadow looked. Sometimes you just have to put the camera down and be in the moment. I never saw anything like this anywhere.  Thanks, Friend Sally for telling us about it.

 This is strawberry season (finally.)  I wait all year for this and on first picking day I make a pie, one just like this.  We shared that first pie with friends and sent a second down to our daughter's house where Elizabeth threatened to eat the whole thing before mom and dad even got home.  This beauty is the third pie.  PH and I make our meals during strawberry pie season out of this jewel.  It simply cannot be made with grocery store berries.  They have to be fresh picked Michigan berries and the pie needs to be made the day the berries are picked.  It's perfection on a plate.  And it's only available for a few short weeks each year.

I realized a package of perch was in the freezer so for a bit of protein I fixed the perch and dinner was perch 'n' pie.  But the perch really wasn't necessary.  The pie is enough.
Brian, I wish I could send THIS to you!


  1. There is nothing like fruit straight from the plant to your mouth or plate. I am like that with oranges, we have an orchard near by and I never buy oranges except for now, our orange season, just delicious.The poppies are glorious , are the blue ones cornflowers?

  2. Mass anything looks great in a big area..... Sometimes we get daisies in spring but the poppies like this no chance..... Bit taller they would be a beautiful sight.....
    Omg strawberries.... Enjoy