Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Some Very Good People

     Blogging is an amazing thing if you think about it. Several years ago, before I started blogging, I was talking about it.  My daughter told me that no one blogs anymore, if you want to keep in touch, do Facebook. And if you look at the numbers, she was right.  But oh, how I hate FB!  I never contribute to FB and I went cold turkey from browsing on inauguration day so if something has happened in anyone's life since then, I don't know about it.
     Blogging, on the other hand is different.  If you are here, it's because you want to be.  You somehow found this blog and if you like what you saw you came back.  I don't have hundreds of readers but the ones that do return here more than once do so because they want to.  And I appreciate that.  It makes me feel like I'm not talking to myself.
     I got started by wandering around one evening and found Chookyblue's page. Through her blog list on her sidebar I found other like minded people. One thing led to another, one blog led to another, and I found myself pretty much moving next door to several people in Australia, somewhere I've wanted to go since I was ten years old.
    Chooky set up my Snappyfriends page one evening through email messages with me.  I don't even know what time it was in Australia when it's about 9:30 p.m. here.
    Susan and I have become fast friends and our emails are long, deep and very much like a phone call from someone near and dear. 
     Because of Chooky's Christmas secret exchange I've shared gifts with people who have become friends.  One of them is Jenny at  http://birdontheborder.blogspot.com/2017/02/a-kangaroo-famiily.html.  Jenny is coming to the U.S. on an excursion in late October/early November and has arranged to come visit ME at the end of her itinerary.  No, I am ON her itinerary!  I can't believe how amazing  that is. I keep pinching myself.  It was Jenny and her husband who coached me through deboning a raw turkey last year.
     When I read Jenny's post today (the link is above) about the resident kangaroos in her neighborhood she knew it would be something I would never see around here!  It brought to mind some pictures I took of the deer that are in the forest behind us and sometimes  right out the dining room window.
 Such a sweet face, but when the new spring flowers and greenery come back the deer will devour them from springtime hunger and then she won't be so cute anymore.
I toss a little extra corn on the ground when they come around.  I'm not helping things, but they sure are fun to watch.  Especially from 6 feet away!  They aren't tame and we have to stand like statues because they bolt if they see us move.

     Last week Monday was our monthly quilty day with Friends Marilyn and Jan.  Friends  Barb and Sally joined us because when too much time goes by I miss them.  Barb and Sally live near the lakeshore where I used to live so to come here is a real testimony to friendship.  It's about an hour's drive.
 We sat around the dining room table doing hand work and eating cookies and drinking tea and catching up. 

Each month one of us brings lunch, someone brings dessert and on the fourth month we go out.

     Near or far,  blogging buddy or not, putting a needle into a piece of fabric has brought some very good people into my life.



  1. same here...love blogging, finding others with similar interests, swaps, photos etc...FB can be very impersonal. Looks like you all had a productive day!

  2. Oh deer, oh dear.....I seem to have something in my eye, its watering slightly..along with a small lump in my throat! Friends are golden where ever you find them, in the olden days we would be ladies who corresponded and our letters would be kept for prosperity....I too have dropped form Facebook it's too full of look at me types...and I needed to remove myself from the sphere of certain relatives.
    I am blessed in many ways and I count you as one of them.....someone who I truely refer to as a "friend"

  3. Oh Denice what a wonderful post. I feel so special being invited to stay with you and get a peek into your life. I love the little deer too. I peeked hard into your friends sewing boxes and they are doing beautiful work.our group meets this Saturday. November cant come fast enough.

  4. You are SO right--I love blogging and love visiting yours :) I can't believe your quilters. So intricate. I'll never show you mine now!!!