Friday, February 3, 2017

Looking Forward

“If thou of fortune be bereft, and in thy store there be but left two loaves, sell one, and with the
dole, buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

And so, today I did.

This little poem has been attributed to everyone from Saadi to Mohamed to Whittier and several people in between, but I don't care who first wrote it down.  The first time I walk past a display of purple hyacinths the scent stops me in my tracks.  No one thing says spring to me like the scent of hyacinths. Even though we have a lot of winter left, it is close to Valentine's Day and I can be grateful these are on the shelves.  Sometimes it is such a little thing that makes our day.


  1. That's a gorgeous plant and the pot you have it in is also beautiful!

  2. beautiful.....just a hint of Spring to stop you in your tracks.

  3. What a pretty pot Denise! And I absolutely agree; the small things in life are great!

  4. Oh, the scent--that scent! I LOVE it :)

  5. I love them always looking so elegant. Bulbs always speak spring to me. Hope you not getting all that snow I see on the news today.