Sunday, February 19, 2017

Socks On, Socks Off

    Every year there are two particular days that are the clear signal of the change of seasons. Socks on and socks off.
In the fall when the days are just too chilly to ignore anymore there is one morning when you know the barefoot sandal days are done and you say to yourself, "Ok,  socks go back on."  And conversely, in the spring when the sun is shining, the snow is gone, the windows can be opened for a whole day and the jackets and coats stay in the closet, you can say, "Ok, socks off today!"
   That was today.  Yesterday was beautiful, too, but today was picture perfect and PH got my lounge chair from the garage, set it up on the front porch, I got my book, an iced tea, a couple of pillows and settled down in the sun for a nice little nap.  Shoes kicked off, socks off.
    I lay there listening to the sounds of the town, a little yappy dog somewhere down the street, a small airplane circling the river park, car radios because windows are rolled down, and then, "HI, GRANDMA!"  The girls rode over on their bikes for a visit.  SO much better than a nap.

 The first stop is always at the freezer to get a fudge bar.  Then they ran out to 'the fort' in the back to eat them.
 One thought led to another  and they started to build their own little pockets of ingenuity.  Sometimes they call these spots forts and sometimes nests.  I just thank God they have imaginations that take them everywhere. They gather sticks and twigs.
 Stones and small rocks.
Any found objects, including one of my plant supports. 
 Adelaide had the idea of mosses for softness.  Elizabeth found five different kinds of mosses today.
Their special spots grew, were decorated and I was given charge of keeping things right while they were gone.
SO much better than a nap.


  1. What a beautiful setting Denice... perfect for imagination, or napping... or socks!!

  2. Love these pictures. You have a beautiful place.

  3. It is so nice to see the girls playing outside and enjoying nature.