Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Sun is Also a Star

The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon
    Natasha is a scientist at heart and in her brain.  She believes in what she can see and prove scientifically.  Definitely not love.  Certainly not fate.  And if you told her she would fall in love with a Korean poet in one day, the day she and her family are being deported to Jamaica, she would argue you to the sidewalk. 
    Daniel is a poet at heart and in his brain.  Not a doctor like his parents want him to be. Not headed for second choice school Yale.  Daniel does believe the planets can and do align to ignite a single moment. He does believe in the unexplainable.  And he does believe when he saw Natasha on a New York City street, that she was for him.
    Daniel sets out to prove to Natasha that you certainly can fall in love, real love, in one day.  He is out to prove it while Natasha has only that one day. The problem is, Daniel doesn’t know that at midnight Natasha will leave.
    If you don’t believe a person can fall in love that fast then don’t read this book.  But if you do believe it, or even think you might believe it, this is a fantastically uplifting story. 

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