Friday, November 11, 2016

Ahead of Schedule

WAY ahead of schedule!  And so glad for it because it means I will actually have the second one of these done for Christmas!  We have our time with our family the weekend before Christmas so I always feel that I have to have things really organized and any quilty things have to be fast tracked. It gets dicey some years but everything gets shoved to the side and callouses are salved and somehow it gets done.  (Notice the leaves are now all gone. But temperatures are quite warm for November.)
I was really surprised how fast the quilting came together for this.  It was simple, I just quilted the white stripe and did a curved quilting for the ball.  I was worried about the simplicity of the whole thing but seeing it hanging I like the one centered ball and.....
 the centered caligraphy "D"  for Detroit Tigers.   It wasn't until I hung it on the line just now for this picture that I saw how nice the D looks inside that curved quilting. 
It needs to be bound and smoothed and ironed then it's ready for Mikey along with a Curious George baseball story. 
Now on to Charlie's!


  1. It is a stunner! All the fussing and fretting has been worthwhile, it is quite a treasure. Not too cutesy that it won't last a lifetime in the young boys life. Well done Denice!!