Friday, April 22, 2016


 Do you remember my brother's recipe file from yesterday?  Well, somewhere in here is the recipe for our Sicilian grandmother's spaghetti sauce.  Silly me, I never asked him for the recipe.  But my daughter did.  She jumped out of her chair when she was told at Christmas that there even IS a family spaghetti sauce recipe.  From Sicily yet.

In this family we don't believe in not sharing a recipe.  I mean, really, why hoard a good thing just so someone can say it's a deep dark secret?  In this family, all you have to do is ask. But no, I'm not going to post it.
My brother believes the secret is in the pan.  He uses our grandma's pan.  After the liquids have been added and seasoned he puts in a healthy piece of pork steak for flavor and simmers the sauce till the meat falls off the bones.  Then it's taken out and the tasty bits are fought over. The sauce  simmers for two whole days.
Like me, this is how he measures.  You have to be more exact with baking, but we measure savory dishes the old world way.  Pinches, sortas, somes.  He was right, though, when he said he does follow this recipe because "if you want it  to taste like hers you have to do it the way she did."
The meatballs are formed and slightly browned in olive oil then added to the sauce to simmer within the sauce for a whole day.   The meatballs are on day two.  Everyone everywhere has their own spaghetti sauce recipe and they're all different from each other. This one is ours.
In the end, we filled a big bowl, covered it and took it home.  His house smelled like our grandma's did on spaghetti Sundays.  This day was documented with recipes, photos and stories lest one of our grands asks for the recipe.


  1. how do you get the mince to stay together....

  2. you need to have us for dinner and pie again : ) AJ LOVES pie!!!