Tuesday, April 5, 2016



I am a dinosaur. 

 I don't have a smart phone, I barely have a flip cell phone because usually I don't have it with me, know where it is, have it charged, know how to retrieve a call I missed, find the right button to do anything but make a call.  I can answer it if I recognize that the ringing phone I hear is mine in my pocket.  So, technically, it's useless.

I don't cook out of boxes and very, very few cans. Very few.  I think canned food was invented for preservation at the Last Coming and not much else.  Other than Oreos, I bake all of our cookies. And muffins.  And pies (unless we are within distance of Crane's Pie Pantry in Fennville, Michigan, and then we buy one because even I can't make a pie like they can.)  I don't buy pie crust unless I'm making a quiche. If a pie recipe calls for a cookie or graham crust, I crush the cookies or grahams.

I hang our clothes on a line outside in any weather just over freezing.  If it's below freezing we hang them inside on hangers....all but towels and our 'delicates.'

We still have a real Christmas tree and prefer grilling over charcoal instead of gas, though the previous owners of this house had a gas grill hooked up to the house gas line and so we use that now but we prefer charcoal and soon as it gets warmer we are going to drag it out of the garage and up the hill so it's convenient and accessible.

Hubby's lawn mower isn't propelled by anything but him.  We always raked leaves but after moving to the forest last spring he got a leaf blower because, come on...

I quilt by hand.  No machine quilting.  I prefer applique - which I have heard in quilting circles referred to as "The A word."  And I applique by hand.  If I use a sewing machine it's to put on a border or binding or string together some string blocks.  This seems to be a sign of desperation or sign of honor because now there are Hand Quilting societies on social media.  We stand together, needles in our right hands held high declaring to one and all that "We Are Hand Quilters And Proud of It!"   Maybe we should have banners or incorporate.

Yup.  While we fall short of living the Little House on the Prairie life, we do seem to gravitate to and appreciate the old, slow way.


  1. Oh that made me chuckle! As I have #cough# become more mature I appreciate the simple things. I don't have a computerised sewing machine because more things can go wrong. My husband is like that with his cars too. Food only comes from fresh ingredients otherwise it tastes bleh! And when my daughter fails in sewing a zipper for her new dress...she yells out "that's it I am going Amish, they don't wear zips" But love the Internet and email.

  2. I love when I finish reading something and say to myself at the end... 'I loved this.' I got to 'delicates' and had to scroll back up to the title to remind myself what the topic was... and that was when I first laughed. I have been wanting to do a quilt for some time now. My parents are both skilled sewers and never eat of cans. I'm considering hand sewn. You can be sure I will be checking out quilting and appliqué pages in Facebook too :)
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  3. Hey--you even found a dino that looks like you?! ;) I agree. Except for the phone.I love mine. I think I'm the ONLY one to hang laundry in our neighborhood.
    But, hey--she uses an iPad, readers!