Thursday, April 28, 2016


OK, it's a cop out, I know, but I'm a little exhausted from having to think of a blog everyday and even more exhausted coming up with a topic beginning with a certain letter.  Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was so easy I worked ahead and scheduled the post.  Sometimes on the day before a due post I sat here sucking my thumb and humming to myself.  Sometimes I reached out to Susan in Australia and said, "I'm done losing sleep...your turn!" and she would send along some ideas that got my mind going again. Sometimes I reached out to Friend Laurie and asked if she was going crazy, too. And she was because she teaches full time and has many other things on her mind and demanding her time, but this thing was all her fault, she got me into it.  All in all, I can work at a frenetic pace for just so long and am really not good at all at being told I have to do something. So, can I say that I have finished the task or is this considered running the marathon but calling a taxi for the last mile?
All in all, it was a mind stretching activity that took me down paths I might not have thought about as blog posts. I received encouraging feedback on posts that were thought filled. So, I am declaring myself finished three days early, I'm taking the taxi for the last mile, and hope if you are new to my blog you'll come back again sometime.  In the meantime, here's a zebra of a different stripe to ponder.