Sunday, August 30, 2015

Well done!

Not that I'm bragging but our daughter is the director of this museum and last Friday she organized a fund raiser that was an over the top success.  She contracted with five restaurants and caterers in the area to provide finger foods and five micro breweries to supply drinks.  Guests walked through the museum exhibits nibbling finger foods and sampled beers from the local breweries. Or they could sit in the courtyard after filling a plate.

 Friends Harry and Marge joined us.  The weather was perfect. Not hot, not sunny, not rainy.  People could wander through the museum or the courtyard visiting with friends and meeting new people.
Most did both.  I'm just noticing our daughter and her husband standing on the steps, they're on the top of the middle of the steps.  It was truly a fun evening. The courtyard was filled with laughter, everyone had a smile on their face and not a negative comment could be heard.  You sure can't ask for more than that!  Good job, Lisa and staff!  We can't wait for next year!