Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stick dolls

Summer is winding down.  There's still a whole month before school starts but the kids are getting tired of it, though they would never admit that, especially Elizabeth.  During summer I have them on Thursdays.  When I was unpacking I discovered the wasi tape and tongue depressors and we set to making "wasi people."  Wow.  What an activity!  I showed them how to wrap the tape once around the stick and make a face and feet and legs.  Off they went!  They spent every minute they were here working on their people.  Adelaide even made a horse and a car!
 These are Adelaide's people. She started naming them and wrote their names on the back.  She chose names she could spell.  Bob. Fifi. Annie.
 These were the boys.  Max and Ace.  Notice how she cut the tape so the legs looked like pants and the bows on their shoes.  She really took off with this project!  Don't they look like they're wearing golf togs?
 Elizabeth's facial skills were very precise.   She also named hers but chose to name them things that pertained to their look after she finished.  Rose. Lily. Georgiana.
 These were the ones I made as examples when showing them this morning how to get started.  We practiced faces, hair, legs before they made their own.  The one on the far right has a pony tail, per Adelaide's request.  "Make it come in front like it's over her shoulder, Grandma.   You can do it!"
I've started a project.  It's a nativity table runner.  In the middle in a star, with a manger and angel on both ends and various animals, sheep, cow, camel, donkey in the middle.  I'm making two simultaneously so when I am finished, they will both be finished.  Well, this was a wool project.  Anything patterned for wool can be done in fabric.  But I don't fuse or machine applique.  I do needle turn.  Let me tell you, the pointy ends of the straw in the manger(s) is trying my patience to the max.  I will do the other two tonight watching what may prove to be a raucous Republican debate tonight.  If it goes like these two went, I won't finish both tonight but I sure would like to move on!


  1. A great idea and adorable too.

  2. Hi Denice! I love those little people. Oh the memories of a cardboard box, crayons and imagination. I think that is what quilting and playing with fabric does for me, allows me that time again. Lol on the appliqué I know that feeling, I have an Aunt Milllies Flower Garden project under way, and the spiky flower has nearly beaten the fact I get distracted by all the other things that demand my attention. Well I have been asked to work again for two I know I am ready to retire permanently!!!!! One week to go and then that is it!!!! Lovely to chat.

  3. I love these paddle pop dollies I might make some with my kids