Thursday, August 13, 2015

Powderpuff power

It was one of those days.  End of summer.  They've done everything on their to-do list and no matter what Elizabeth chose, Adelaide said no.  Adelaide choose?  Elizabeth said no.  Grandma pulled out the rainy day activity she's been saving.  We're going to make gourd birdhouses. 

 I showed them how to run the sander and they did it themselves, smoothing off the dried up gunky stuff from their gourds.
 Even Adelaide.

They balked at using the power drill to put the hanging holes and the bird door in though. They hid in a corner of the garage while I did that part.  Dang.  I would have loved a picture of that!

 Then we carried them up one of the hills, hung them from a tree branch, stood away from the prevailing wind and they painted the gourds white.

 Adelaide didn't have the strength in her spaghetti fingers that we did so she tried using the palm of her hand only to discover that wasn't a good idea. She went back to finger power and finished the job.
 They did it!  Time to go to the library and get some lunch while these dried.
 I have many pieces of Polish pottery that didn't survive the move so we used some of the bits to decorate the gourds after the paint dried.  I used the glue gun and they stuck them where they wanted a bit of  decoration.
 Elizabeth was happy she chose a piece that had a natural perch

 Adelaide found a piece that made a perfect hat.
Time to get away from little sisters and be alone with that library book in the secret hideaway.

Somehow we saved the day!  They kept some of the seeds that came out of the gourds so they can plant their own come spring.  Phew!