Sunday, August 16, 2015

Friends indeed

That's not PH on top of that ladder, that's Friend Paul.  He and Sue came to see our new house two weeks ago and after Paul took one look at the grunge on the side of the house and the patio and the deck he said,  "I'll be back in two weeks with my power washer and we'll make this place look brand new."  Now, Paul isn't a "let's do lunch" friend that doesn't ever call back.  Paul is an "if I say it I mean it" friend.  The kind that you can count on through thick and thin and power washing.  This morning he was here bright and early and got to straight to work. 

 Not that I'm proud of the grunge but we weren't here while it was becoming grungy so .....
Look at the difference on the side of the house!!!
 This is the concrete back 'patio' and I was stunned when I saw the difference.  Stunned.
 There are a few stepping stones Paul thought were just concrete but when he put his sprayer to them they turned out to be nice stones!  Look at the difference in the one next to it!!!  Now they all sparkle.
 We didn't dare hope there was anything under the yucky front deck. But he took his sprayer to it
and look what we found!  It's an OLD deck and if we won the lottery we could have it replaced.  Until that happens we will put a sealer on it now that it looks wonderful again.

This was quite a day, the house looks bright and the outside area even smells cleaner.  I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Friend Paul from the front, he's a good lookin' guy.  But we fed him and Sue a thank you steak dinner and he had a few beers to rehydrate himself and after a long, long hug from me, they went home.  Thank you, Friend Paul.