Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This is the day

 Today was a good one

Our carpet was put down!  You can't see but it's a celery green.  Light but with a color.  The new bookshelves are in the background.  Someday I might tell the story of spray painting those things. I need a glass of wine first.

 The carpet on the stairs is a little darker and shorter nap - because stairs get a workout.
Oh, I wanted to just lay on that carpeted floor and hug this day!  The carpet is the frosting on the cake of this whole project.  It was the last part.  So we can now bring up furniture and books from the downstairs and lay down those rugs, put the furniture in place and the painter can go to town.  He estimates three more days....just three more days!!

 I even cut some templates for a quilt project!!!! Imagine that!  The first time in about 3 months I actually thought out a project!!  Lots of ways to use scraps for this one.
 Then, I heard the birds.  Lots of them singing their little hearts out. I took a bit of time from watching the carpet layers and sat out on the patio and just listened.  It was one of those days you'd order if you could.  Bright blue sky, gentle breeze, no humidity, temperatures in the 70s, no mosquitoes, a day just made for noticing.
 Even the tiger lillies were smiling
The blue ribbon smile of the day goes to Adelaide. She lost her first tooth after supper!  It was hanging by sheer determination, she was eating a fudge bar and said, "Ohhhh Grandma!  I think it's going to be soon!"  She went into the bathroom and we heard, "Guys! My tooth came out!!!"  We grabbed the phone to call mommy and told her.  Daddy just came in for a surprise goodnight kiss and he got to see the tiny little pearl in a great big zip bag.  She's too excited to go to sleep but we told her the tooth fairy is like Santa Claus.  You have to be sleeping first.

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  1. Oh happy day! Put me down for an August cuppa at the Nest :)