Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lake fun

We just returned from five days in South Haven. We stayed at a friend's house just two streets from our "old" house. It was vacation week for my daughter and her family.  We surely used every minute allotted to us  picking fruit, swimming in the lake every day, playing in the sun, going to Sherman's Ice Cream at night, visiting art galleries.

 This is what July looks like.

 Daddy cooked a shrimp boil for dinner one night. We all sat around the table eating with our fingers and no plates.
 They rode go-carts for the first time. Daddy and Elizabeth won.
The girls played miniature golf for the first time.
 We wore them out.  Everyday they slept where they dropped, Adelaide is on the floor!

The big drama event of the week was the anticipation of the loose tooth.  Elizabeth's tooth was hanging on by a mere sliver of skin but she wouldn't pull it.  While playing in the wavy water in the afternoon the tooth came out on it's own and fell into the lake.  We held our collective breath wondering about a solution for the problem.  We agreed to look around on the shore for a little stone that looked like a tooth and suggested she write a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation.  We thought the tooth fairy had heard a lot of different stories about teeth and probably wouldn't even be surprised by this one.
The little stone looks quite like a tooth!

This is the note she wrote.  The tooth fairy did indeed find Elizabeth at the cottage. She left $1.00, took the tooth but left the note.
 Notice her picture of the scene.  Elizabeth is on the left with the tooth falling into the water.  I am sitting on the chair with my book. Mommy is next to me in sunglasses, the picnic bag is in front. Adelaide is wearing her life jacket, though she was just as brave in the lake without it.  Grandpa and Daddy are on the end.

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  1. looks like you had a very exciting but relaxing holiday!