Sunday, July 12, 2015

Baby steps

When we moved here I lost a lot of storage space for my stash and so I've had to be creative about how I fit it all into this new non-space.  You will recall my Ikea Happy Cabinet from a couple of posts ago.  Well, this is my new idea.  I was wandering through a garden center/gift shop one day recently and found this marked 50% off.  The baskets all sit on little ledges so they come out easily.  Each basket is holding a color.  It might make some of you cringe to see this but I had to do something  to get the bins unpacked and the bedroom organized. AND it fits in the closet!  And now I'm at least to the point of touching the fabric!  It's a good thing I'm not a machine sewer or there would have to be more major concessions made in the name of lost space for a sewing machine.  Right now I found a perfect spot for it in a bathroom closet!!

The brown dresser next to this rack 'o' baskets used to be in our bedroom (and is now also filled with fabric.)  You saw in the house pictures we thought we had things settled in that room. 

 Well, we just had to find a place for this armoire (I think this is spelled wrong but the dictionaries aren't unpacked and spell check isn't recognizing it.)  It's our pride and joy, one of a kind, painted just for us and the only piece of furniture this particular artist ever painted.   We used it at the other house because there wasn't a closet for coats.  It's served us well and we baby it.  But here, there just wasn't anywhere big enough to hold it.  One morning I woke up and looked at the corner where the dresser was and told PH to think about maybe putting this in the bedroom.  After all, in old houses there weren't closets and an armoire was essential.  So putting it in the bedroom wasn't that far off the mark.  We put together a shelving system that fit inside, got some baskets and he put his socks and undies and jammies in the baskets.  It works and now we can look at it every morning when we wake up.
The painter's name is James Brandess and he lives and works in Saugatuck, Michigan.  His technique is to paint with a series of trowels and knives so the texture is deep and true.  It took six months for this piece to dry till the sticky outy tips didn't bend because it's on so thick.  You could dive off some of the tips and swirls.
When we approached him about painting these doors (because he had never painted a piece of furniture) he asked what I wanted.  I said, "I want people to walk in the front door and gasp."  He smiled and agreed to do it ( I do believe in letting an artist have their way.)  We love, love, love his paintings of red geraniums so I added it would be good if he did some geraniums.    

 I love red geraniums.  I like just about all flowers but red geraniums are my favorites. How can you not smile when you see a pot of them?  They remind me of a little kid who knows the answer and jumps up and down in his seat waving his hand so you'll notice him.
How can you not notice?