Friday, July 17, 2015

Just when we thought

Just when we thought we had a handle on things around here it was time to bring the books upstairs.  I have been very nervous about how they've been stored the past year and I am very, very happy to have them back in the atmosphere they are supposed to be in.  Books should never, ever be stored in a basement nor on shelves in a room on an outside wall. Well, for the past year these babies have been in a storage facility exposed to the climate changes of summer, fall, winter, wet spring and then the basement here for two months.
   The shelves won't be ready for them for a couple more weeks while the paint cures, but we had to get them upstairs so we can settle the downstairs furniture.
So, here we have...
even in the bathroom closet...books!  I know, I know, but the two bathrooms in this house have very large storage closets we can't even dream of filling with stuff.  So in our bathroom I'm going to store the holiday picture books (This isn't all of them.  That quilt won't be on that shelf much longer.)  In the second bathroom closet I put my yarn stash (for whenever I begin to knit again) and my sewing machine ( ! ) and a couple of other craft supply tubs.

It's going to take some creativity to find places for all of the books, though.  Once we get them settled I'll take some 'after' pictures of the final look.  I am still charged with painting these bathroom cupboards and the kitchen cupboards but I'm going to wait till September when the kids go back to school and all of the workers have left. There are still boxes in the garage to unpack. We have certainly transformed this place just with paint and carpet.  Oh, and raising this floor so I don't kill myself and adding bookshelves.

Almost done!!!