Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Views

Here is our new view!  This is out the back door and it goes as far as you can see for miles.

This morning I was standing at the bedroom window looking at the view and saw two deer strolling along quietly eating.  I know there are deer in abundance out there because hunting is allowed. The former owner said they come right onto the patio and eat the lilies that are growing at my feet.
 It's really very pretty here.  Almost always a breeze, we are so high up. The trees sway, there is no one out there but the birds so it's very quiet. 
I am standing on the front step looking out the front door.  The driveway up the hill is on your far left in the picture.  The walkway at the bottom of the picture goes (up hill, of course) from the driveway to the front door. 

p.s.  remember the finch nest that was in the wreath by the front door at the lake house?  Well, just a day before we left all of the eggs had been damaged.  Two were on the porch floor and two had holes poked in them.  Momma was gone.  So, I took the nest out of the wreath and brought my favorite wreath with me.  


  1. Oh, Denice, it's GORGEOUS! Another beautiful view--a different place, a new time ♥ What a blessing! (And, yes, the make-it-mine process will be a blessing, too--)

  2. Oh dear, sorry about the finch nest, but am glad you were able to take the wreath with you. Hopefully new birds will find it. I love love love your new view, in fact I am just a wee bit green with envy because that is the sort of place me and the hubby would love to retire to. It will happen, just have to be patient. Will you get snow there in a Winter? Well I cannot wait to live vicariously through your pictures of your piece of heaven in the trees and I hope you get snuggled into the new house by the time Winter arrives.