Sunday, May 3, 2015


You think I haven't been quilting for a long time but I have.  I just couldn't say anything or show this because it's for Friend Marge and she reads this blog and I didn't want her to see it yet. Not till now, anyway.  She's making a change in her life and this is to mark that change.

 We all have different styles, right?  You would look at this and say, "That's not Denice. She uses bright colors in her quilts."  You would be right but the STYLE I gravitate to is primitive.  Always have. I think it's the interest in history in me.  I could go on and on about my beliefs about that but basically, if I were choosing a style it would be primitive and if I were choosing colors I wander to the bright, floral, happy colors.  No rule says I can't use bright and happy colors on a primitive design. I just haven't had time to do something really just for me. Remember, I work by hand, not machine, and it's a slow process. I think the brights in the 30's fabrics and the reds/turquoise/white florals that remind me of the 40's all qualify as historical. 
 And I love the medallion style.  I love featuring one thing that stands out in the middle and building a couple of borders that frame and then just leaving it alone with a wide border.  I think it's clean and sometimes less IS more.

It was the bumblebee fabric that made my mind go crazy with possibilities.  I absolutely flipped for this fabric and after using it for this quilt I went and got more so I would have some for me someday. What a perfect backdrop for a basket of flowers!  It reminded me of the front yard here planted with dozens and dozens of lavender plants that just tremble when in bloom and the bees are drunk busy. 


  1. it's beautiful...........and quilting means you caan do and make what you want.........cross colours styles whatever it is...........beautiful quilt..........

  2. What a lovely quilt... They are really my colours.... I love brights but they do not fit in with my decor but that quilt will be perfect and the hand quilting is lovely and even. Your friend is a very lucky lady.