Sunday, May 31, 2015

Eight Hundred Grapes

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Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave
I didn’t know it takes eight hundred grapes to make one bottle of wine.  I need to savor a little bit more.
Eight Hundred Grapes is the story of secrets kept and then discovered truths.    Georgia Ford is from a grape growing wine making family.  Her father took the risk and carved out a life that Georgia can’t imagine not being a part of until bad harvests made her take stock of her future.  Does she want to live without the financial security a “real job “ would give her?  Georgia becomes a lawyer and forges on with her life plans until one week before her wedding she goes rushing back home to the comfort of her family.  But when she arrives she finds nothing as she expects it or remembers it to be.
I do not like teasing you with the phrase that everyone has secrets but in this case, it’s true.  Georgia’s fiancé has a big one.  Her parents have big ones.  Not knowing how these secrets will be resolved keeps the story going because you really aren’t always sure how it’s going to turn out. There are lots of options for everyone.
The story is a bit predictable in that the idea of secets and revelations and resolutions is all there. But if you enjoy a glass of wine then you might enjoy what you learn about vintners and the life of one of those eight hundred grapes.

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