Friday, April 3, 2015

Onions and eggs

Today was Easter egg coloring day and I did something I've watched my grandma do when I was a kid but never done myself.  I thought ahead a couple of weeks and collected onion skins from the onion bins at the grocery store and used them to dye some of the eggs.
 I just put them in the pot of water with the raw eggs and cooked them together.  They came out a rich golden brown...very beautiful.
 Then I put some boiled white eggs in the water and just let them sit for a few minutes and got a soft tan.
They turned out really pretty.  It depended on where they nestled in the pan if they had a crease or so in the color. 
I know I could have just bought brown eggs and told everyone that I dyed them but I have never seen such deep colors on naturally brown eggs.
Tomorrow I frost the lamb cake, another Busia Easter tradition.

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