Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter and Ice

We had a beautiful Easter day here today...even if there was still a lot of ice on the lake.  It's been consistently cold so the ice isn't in any hurry to leave.  This is the view from church if you can believe that!  We had 17 for dinner.  We commented that Thanksgiving and Easter meals are so yummy.

 Several of the cousins were here.
 We had an egg hunt in the yard.  Each of the kids had a different colored egg to look for.
 Then, down to the beach where Jake and Katy were brave enough to go in just to check for cold.
 Notice all but Adelaide were without shoes.  It was a nice day but not THAT nice!  The beach looked like a moonscape.
 The girls helped SIL hunt for fossils.  He is a geologist so going to the beach with him is a totally different experience.  You don't slather yourself with oil and lay on a towel.  You learn fascinating things.