Sunday, April 26, 2015


It was our last weekend together in this house.  While PH and I have a couple of weeks of packing to do, this was the last overnight for the girls, and it was hard, hard, hard.  We can go to the beach anytime but this was the last time down the stairs to "our" neighborhood beach.  It was cold and they didn't stay long, but they wanted to make one last trip.

 The faces were long. These girls owned this house. Adelaide is holding a cup of ice chips, one of her favorite snacks here, because, she said, it was the last time she could have them from our refrigerator. Elizabeth just kept asking "why, Grandma?"  If this were easy it wouldn't be so hard.

Our SIL was in a bike race this afternoon and we went to watch. While we five sat and enjoyed a lunch in a restaurant with big windows looking out to the course and watched him travel round and round in warming up laps I told our daughter that this racing thing seemed like a lot of effort to put out on a Sunday afternoon.  Pass the french fries, please.
 He stopped in for a good luck hug before the race began.
 Go, Daddy, Go! was the refrain he heard as he came into view
 The course wasn't long, it trailed through downtown Holland in a figure eight. This made it fun to watch because they came round quickly and often.
Go, Daddy, Go!


  1. All I can say is Oh dear. I am sure it will be all better when you are closer to everyone. The kids will remember those days forever instead of taking it for granted as they grow older. The stories of that house will grow bigger in their minds now you are not there.... good luck with it all . The tulips are lovely.. my favourite flower.

  2. Oh that part is hard. But these little 'uns will soon realise that it is not the home that makes it "Grandma's" but where ever Grandma is, is "Grandma's". New memories, new sleepovers, new adventures will soon filling their mind and again there will be Grandma. Best wishes to you all and with it better weather and sunny days ahead.