Friday, April 17, 2015

It's been lovely

 My well used coaster says it all.

We sold our house, we bought a different house, and now it's time to pack up.  It's been a long process and in anticipation of moving I've been purging and packing since last summer.  Lots of purging.  But that doesn't mean there isn't packing to do.  Lots of packing.

I came to grips this morning and decided I have to just be honest with the next month and let something go.  That means I have to pack up my quilt supplies and decide for the next few weeks there won't be any sewing - but just in case I am keeping some applique projects close by.  But to be honest, I'm so exhausted at the end of the day I just want to lie on the couch and read a few pages.  Sewing takes too much thinking. Even is the pieces are all cut and waiting.  The blog posts, when they come, will probably not be about quilting. 
 My quilt supplies are not state of the art.  I'm not a gadget person.  A quilter could look at my "stuff" and think I chipped my tools out of flint while sitting next to a fire pit. Truly, I would rather add to the fabric stash than spend $25 on a new ruler that I will use for one thing.  Really, I still use template plastic, draw with pencil and cut with scissors.  I'm really not far from the dinosaurs and flint chipping!

 Nor are the supplies organized.  At the very bottom of this drawer are the scant handful of specialized rulers. As you can tell, they don't see the light of day often if I have to dig through this to find them.  But I do know that is where they live.
My wonderful little sewing basket made for me by Jenny as a Secret Santa Christmas Swap a couple of years ago. It goes where I go.  You know that where you put something first is where you go for it forever.  Looking at this mess I can assure you I know what's here.
Sigh. I have fallen in love with quilting with perle cottons.  But into the box they go.


  1. so sad to leave one house, especially if after many many years, which I suspect this is the case....but what an exciting adventure to find at your new house...good luck with the purging! I'm sure you will be fine...

  2. Glad your little basket is still useful.

  3. Leave the computer for a couple of days and look what happens!! Wow, wow, wow......its on!! I am beyond pleased for you all, the stress can now subside...a little at least, you have a home to go to. I had to laugh at your little photo before. Lucky I have an iPad thingy and can enlarge the looked like a funny hedgehog, and then when I realised I was somewhat amazed....people are funny sometimes, especially where there is no health and safety officer around!! Your lack of rulers astonishes me somewhat, I mean how do you survive in such a state!! Lol😱. My mum is very frugal she would consider your things as completely frivolous, I think she picks her fabric apart with her teeth......hahahaha hence I rebelled and have some would say, a lot more than you, a bit less than others. Well my friend the days ahead will be hectic, safe travels and soft landings. Put the kettle on immediately you get in the door and then unpack the only advise I am afraid.