Friday, May 30, 2014

Chookshed Party

I'm a long way from Australia but for today I was joining a "retreat," a party, a good time was had by all event hosted by Chookyblue.  She invited anyone who could be at her place in the chookshed personally or virtually.  So, even though this is a busy time of year, a time when we can finally open the windows (and wash them) and mow the grass and clean the flowerbeds and whatever outside chore needs to be done, I promised myself if I spread mulch yesterday I could stitch today.  Now, I know they are all eating chocolate and drinking something with bubbles and so I did, too.  Except my bubbly was a diet coke. 

My serene morning on the porch was broken by construction trucks. You name it, it was here building a house or two next door, putting the road through, digging trenches, putting in energy cables.  There were backhoes, dump trucks (monster ones) cement mixers, cranes, hydraulic hammers, and lots of tanned young men working them.  The noise was unbelievable and I kept having to tell the next truck driving up they couldn't park in front of the mailbox (or she won't deliver the mail) and they couldn't double park, they had to leave me room to get out of the street (even though I wasn't going anywhere).  If I were a four year old boy I would have been in pig heaven today.  But I'm not four anymore and listening to them shouting to each other over the machines and watching them go into the shrubs across the street to pee and .... well, I deserved a day of sewing.

 While this wasn't quilting, it was, technically, sewing.  I spent the morning sipping my bubbly diet coke, eating my chocolate and finishing these two sun dresses for Elizabeth and Adelaide.  They picked out the fabric and I told them I would have them finished this weekend.  I guess they kind of blend into the background.  E. chose butterflies and A. chose kitties.
 I can't really show what I was working on by afternoon on the back porch because it's a surprise for the round robin.  This is as far as it goes, anyway.  There are lots of pieces to this one and I still haven't cut them all out. 
So, yes, I was on retreat today, even if all alone but it was good to give myself permission to do nothing else all day.  And this was a lot less expensive than the other retreats I've been on!