Friday, May 16, 2014

I'd like to introduce you to....

Barb.  This is some of her work.  No, she isn't off her meds, she just likes all of it, modern, traditional, primitive, original design.  Barb is an artist and it shows in her work and her enthusiasm for her work.  Sometimes I think there isn't anything she won't tackle.  I, for instance, shy away from sharp points and lots of piecing and eensy teensy.  Not Barb, she sees it all as part of the whole quilt experience and whereas I will shy away, she will see the challenge.

The exciting news is Barb has joined Blogland!   Please, pour a cup of tea and grab a handful of cookies (who eats just one??) and go visit her blog  In Search of Craft


  1. Went to her blog and liked it. Would like to be a follower, but there doesn't seem to be a way.

  2. Hi Denice, such a nice tribute, I'm I read your post I reflected on all the styles I love...too many! But I realized I haven't used a pattern since our last retreat in Harbor Springs, I think in 2007. Everything since are original designs, which I LOVE. I'm twisting things up all the time....just can't help my self! :-)