Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day!

We've had a busy week of bad can that be??!! 

 Last Thursday, our first 80 degree day in the past 214 days,  we went across the state to a Detroit Tiger baseball game with PH's brother and our sister-in-law. 
 We couldn't have had a better day, better seats, better time.  What a treat!
 And because it truly was our first 80 degree day in the past 214 days, we didn't want to let go of it.  We finished the day and a bottle of wine laughing.

Today was Mother's Day and we spent it with a long phone call from our son and a visit from the grandgirls and mommy and daddy.  As is our tradition, one which cannot be changed, after dinner we went to Sherman's for ice cream.

 Yes, indeed, you do see a bowl of hot fudge next to Adelaide. A couple of years ago friends gave us the hint that if you get a hot fudge sundae, ask for the hot fudge on the side so you don't get melty ice cream.  Well, little Miss Adelaide discovered two years ago that if you sit next to Poppa you can dip into his hot fudge because he's a sucker and will share.  Last year she started to ask for her own bowl of hot fudge.  It's just tradition.  And one that cannot be changed.

Grandpa threw a loop yesterday.  He didn't get his own hot fudge.  When he sat down, she eyed him with her 'look'  and when asked if she would share her hot fudge with him she said no.  "I don't like to share it that much."  And she didn't.

 Then, as is our custom, we went to the city beach to play for awhile.
 They love the swings

 And they love climbing the sand hills and playing in the beach grass.  Daddy found a photo opportunity.
Me?  I finished the day, and a wonderful warm, fun weekend on the back porch working on the round robin.  Round three!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Isn't it funny how grandpas just melt when their granddaughters want something???? Its so nice to build traditions into special days, must be great to have an ice cream shop close by....