Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's better than free books?'re walking along on a promising spring day.  It's finally a little warmer. The sun is finally out and what's this?  You see on the sidewalk "free books" with an arrow pointing!
Free?  Books?  Follow the arrow!
 Here right in front of you is a Little Free Library!  And there are books inside free for the taking, borrowing or trading!  Wow!   So you browse and you choose something and you take it!  You don't even have to look both ways for someone spying on you, or check the nearby tree for a security camera.  It's free and you can have it!  You're so excited you go home and find something on your own shelves and go back and donate it to the Little Free Library.  Wow.  This is SO much fun!

The girls were completely overboard when they returned from our house on Sunday and discovered that someone had donated some books to their Little Free Library. 
I brought a box along with me and Elizabeth was putting some of them in.  She didn't just open the door and stuff them in.  No.  She said she "likes them in order so they make sense."  Hoo-boy, is she a book child?