Sunday, April 6, 2014

Climbing Everest

Spring weather has decided to arrive and with it our fortieth anniversary.  To celebrate we had our family here for the weekend and had the best time.  I don't know who enjoyed the togetherness the most, PH and I or the kids.  They played themselves into exhaustion.  (Us, too!)

I heard some people raked their yards this weekend.  We went down to the beach!
 Yes, that's ice on the lake.  No, we didn't take the kids out there.  You could hear the ice melting.  If you stood still and listened you could hear a little tinkly, crackly noise of ice becoming water.  The sun from above and the water from below was working on that ice.  Hooray!

The kids explored, supervised by our geologist son-in-law, who makes going to the beach a uniquely different experience.
I love that we can let them just go off on this deserted beach and explore what they find interesting.
 Grandpa and Adelaide had the beach to themselves

My daughter found animal tracks and Adelaide and Ceci were trying to decide which animal left a sort of webbed footprint with a long tail dragging behind.  

 Finally Elizabeth and Charlie couldn't wait any longer. The cliff got interesting and they started to climb.  See how far up they are?  You can just see PH and our son walking on the beach.  The climbing was too tempting. Our son-in-law went with the two oldest to explore and climb.
 The cliff is clay.  Skoodgy clay.  But if you're an eight year old boy it was heaven to slomp around in it.
Closely supervised and helped, they climbed and climbed. At the top of that cliff is the road!
They reached so very close to the top and found a ledge where they could rest and assess.
 There was no doubt they'd keep going up to the road above.  And they did!

Charlie said "I will never forget this day!!"

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